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About TLD
Availability Available
Category business
Registry Centralnic
Launch Date 07/15/2015
Our Pricing
Registration $2.59/yr*
Renewal $25.00/yr*
Transfer $25.00/yr*
* Plus $0.18 ICANN fee per year and processing fees.
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.SITE is perfect for business, networking, or any personal use

.SITE is a great domain choice for absolutely any site! It is an easy to remember gTLD and won't distract or take away from your domain. Users can even work to personalize the gTLD by using domain addresses like www.tommys.site for Tommy’s site. .SITE is also versatile, it can be easily applied to a business site or one used for fun, networking, or any personal use.

Why .SITE?

If you’re unsure of how you might use your website, or see it changing in the future, .SITE is a smart choice for you.

Who Is .SITE For?

Anyone who might be afraid of committing to a very specific gTLD. .SITE allows you to turn your website into whatever you want and to transform it without having to worry about purchasing a new domain. Additionally, anyone who wants to expand the reach of their business should buy and use this domain.