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Availability Available
Category professional
Registry Donuts
Launch Date 08/06/2014
Our Pricing
Registration $10.00/yr*
Renewal $27.00/yr*
Transfer $27.00/yr*
* Plus $0.18 ICANN fee per year and processing fees.
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Do you offer services that are considered care like home health aides or babysitting? Or do you really care about a cause or you services? .CARE is the right choice for you.

.CARE is a great choice for a variety of businesses or personal use. It shows visitors that you are passionate about the topic of your site. Visitors can see that you really care about your business or cause before they even load your website.

Why .CARE?

.CARE can give people insight about your business practices or the cause you care about long before they explore your website. Use .CARE to demonstrate to visitors that your site is more than just a business page, it's a page with purpose.

Who Is .CARE For?

.CARE is a smart choice for anyone who provides care services. Promote your babysitting or pet sitting services with a .CARE domain to show the you’re compassionate and offer great services. .CARE is also a smart choice for a non-profit or any fundraising arm of a business. Even consider .CARE for a business owner who wants to demonstrate that they a truly passionate about their work.