.LIFE is a smart way to share your life online

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About TLD
Availability Available
Category lifestyle
Registry Donuts
Launch Date 09/17/2014
Our Pricing
Registration $1.50/yr*
Renewal $24.00/yr*
Transfer $24.00/yr*
* Plus $0.18 ICANN fee per year and processing fees.
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Build your own .LIFE site to own your online life and information.

.LIFE is a short, easy to remember domain. It’s a great TLD for personal life but also for businesses like those that offer life insurance or lifetime guarantees or warranties.

Why .LIFE?

.LIFE gives you the chance to give "life" whatever meaning you want. It can be a smart way to share your online life, like your portfolio, CV and more about you. It’s also a great choice for a personal blogger, as it tells visitors that you’ll be giving a look inside a portion of your daily life.

Who Is .LIFE For?

.LIFE is for anyone who wants a short, easy to remember domain with lots of different uses. If your business is a lifestyle company, .LIFE is a great choice. .LIFE is also versatile to be used for religious organizations, bloggers, insurance agencies, and more. .LIFE is a smart buy for your portfolio with these many different possible uses.