.LINK is a versatile domain with two distinct meanings

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Availability Available
Category universal
Registry Tucows
Launch Date 03/29/2014
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Registration $7.00/yr*
Renewal $7.00/yr*
Transfer $7.00/yr*
* Plus $0.18 ICANN fee per year and processing fees.
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.LINK people together or provide a .LINK to your site with this short TLD

We build links online with people, company and products, so why not have a domain that shares that link. .LINK is easy to remember and connects to something many people do all day, click links!

Why .LINK?

.LINK is incredibly versatile. A link is a huge part of the internet lexicon, so a .LINK domain is a smart choice for the internet savvy. .LINK can demonstrate the links and connections between people or companies. .LINK showcases a bit of tech understanding and invites visitors to see a site with lots of internet knowledge.

Who Is .LINK For?

.LINK is for anyone in the business of connections. Can you link people to the perfect business opportunity or networking partner? .LINK is the site for you. If you can offer website building support or a collection of the day’s best links to check out, a .LINK TLD is also a great choice. This TLD is a chameleon and can be used for many different types of sites, but is always short and easy to remember.

7,000+ .LINK Dictionary-Words Now Available for $1 per domain!

No matter what you may need a domain name for, .link and .click are the perfect extensions to connect you with your audience or drive a call-to-action. 

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