.CLUB is a short and to the point TLD.

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About TLD
Availability Available
Category food/beverage
Registry Registry Services/Godaddy
Launch Date 05/07/2014
Our Pricing
Registration $9.95/yr*
Renewal $9.95/yr*
Transfer $9.95/yr*
* Plus $0.18 ICANN fee per year and processing fees.
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With "club" in the name of many organizations it’s a natural fit for lots of users and organizations.

.CLUB is versatile TLD, whether you use it for a fitness or nutrition club or a local night club. Membership organizations are a great fit as well as online clubs like those created with networking opportunities.

Why .CLUB?

.CLUB is an essential domain to have in your portfolio. Many businesses identify themselves as clubs, making it the perfect TLD for them. Even if you don’t yet have a club or organization, a .CLUB TLD is a great way to start building your club or your membership-based business, telling visitors what it's all about.

Who Is .CLUB For?

.CLUB is best for club owners and club members. What kind of clubs? People who could benefit from this domain may lead a networking club, bowling club, fitness club, sales club, coupon club and more. .CLUB is a unique and powerful TLD because its use can span across multiple industries. There’s no barriers to what type of business or organization can be a club.