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About TLD
Availability Available
Category universal
Registry Registry Services/Godaddy
Launch Date 04/15/2014
Our Pricing
Registration $25.00/yr*
Renewal $25.00/yr*
Transfer $25.00/yr*
* Plus $0.18 ICANN fee per year and processing fees.
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.BUZZ is the domain to use to promote businesses or people and to help drive interest

.BUZZ is is the perfect choice if you want to build buzz around your website, products, or ideas. Buzz is a word frequently used in pop culture whether you’re discussing the most buzzed about new business or product or the celebrity with the biggest buzz. Buzz refers to the hum of all the chatter and coverage of something popular. Think of top websites like Buzzfeed to see just how popular the word buzz is right now. Having it as part of your domain is a smart choice to drive interest.

Why .BUZZ?

.BUZZ is a way to show your website is relevant and always on top of trends. Buzz is what builds around great new ideas, people, and products, so having .BUZZ in your domain shows that your website deserves to be talked about in the best way.

Who Is .BUZZ For?

Buzz is for anyone who wants to drive people to their website. .BUZZ is a great choice for blogs or anyone consistently creating new content. A .BUZZ website is also good for anyone who wants to be a thought leader in their industry. The .BUZZ domain shows that you’re an expert who knows all about new trends and ideas in your industry.