How Does Domain Cost Club Work?

Domain Cost Club works like any other registrar; you pay for domains and we register them on your behalf at the TLD registry. Where we differ from other registrars is that we sell domains at-cost to our Club Members. Other registrars take the price they receive from the registry and mark up the registration price, like a middle man. Domain Cost Club aims to remove the middle man by giving you access to the same prices we get from the registry, the wholesale price. Whether you have many domains or just a few, Domain Cost Club has a Club Membership option for you!

Members Receive:

  • At-Cost Pricing
  • Guaranteed At-Cost Annual Renewals
  • Free Domain Privacy
  • No-Hassle Shopping
Lite Membership
Up to
5 Domains
Basic Membership
Up to
19 Domains
Plus Membership
Up to
49 Domains
Unlimited Membership
Unlimited Domains

Let Domain Cost Club calculate the savings for you!

With Domain Cost Club, you could be saving:


This includes savings after purchasing a Club Membership!

How did we calculate this number?

Free Domain Privacy

Domain Privacy

Why pay extra for something that should be free? We offer Domain Privacy for free for all domains!

Privacy means that your personal information is not made public when purchasing domain names.

Hundreds of New Domain Extensions

Hundreds of TLDs

The Internet is expanding. Hundreds and eventually thousands of new domain name extensions, like .CLUB, .PHOTOGRAPHY, .ONLINE, and .XYZ are being added to the Internet. Take advantage of it! Create a memorable and search engine optimized name that will brand you on the Internet.

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World-Class Domains

World-Class Domains

Domains aren't just limited to regular letters and numbers anymore. Internationalized Domain Names are the future!

We support domains in many different languages*, so get a domain like:

SitioEspañ търсене.ws を検索.net

.WS Emoji Domains

.WS Emoji Domains

Curious about the latest IDN trend? Emoji Domains have arrived, and there's plenty to go around!

Did you know there are over 2,500 different Emoji? You can even mix Emoji with text, so imagine all the possibilities! Here's some examples:

Smiling Face

No Hassles
Registrations. Renewals. Transfers.

We're committed to making Domain Cost Club as simple and customer friendly as possible. We provide at-cost pricing for Club Members because we don't like tricks and gimmicks. We treat every aspect of Membership the same way.

Having second thoughts about a domain you've registered? We will delete and refund your domain up to 5 days after purchase!

Unwanted or Accidental Renewal? We will delete and refund your renewal up to 5 days after the initial date of renewal!

Want to transfer a domain out for some reason? We make it easy to transfer your domain to a new provider!

Awesome Support

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